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Fund for The Aid of Hearing and Vision Impairments


The Fund for the Aid of Hearing and Vision Impairments (FAHVI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those who are hearing or vision impaired. With life-changing technologies constantly being developed, we strive to raise funds and awareness to further the development and research of these technologies, bettering the lives of those who need them most. We host fundraising events to not only raise funds but also awareness.

long term goals

Increasing Awareness for the Hearing and Visually Afflicted 

Boosting Medical Research

Raising Funds

Virtual Events

Events include online bake sales, virtual seminars, expert panels, etc. that will raise funds through sales and donations from attendees.

In-Person Events

Including 5k runs, music concerts, local art exhibitions, etc. that will raise funds through tickets and donations from attendees.

How We Plan On Raising Funds

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