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Shaurya Ganjoo 

Shaurya Ganjoo is a Junior at Ridge High School who has produced music since the age of nine, when he first played the guitar. Shaurya's musical journey took an turn when he realized the lack of music in the lives of those with hearing disabilities. Additionally, around this time, Shaurya was inspired by Helen Keller, a woman who, against all odds, managed to become a successful writer despite not being able to hear or see. Fueled by a desire to bridge the auditory and visual divide, he joined FAHVI, an organization whose mission is to paint vibrant stories through sound and sight and bring the euphony of music to every ear.

Siddharth Malhotra

Aayush Bhakey is a Junior at Ridge High School who loves doing what he can to help others. A passionate musician, he enjoys singing and songwriting as well as playing the piano. Acquainted with the power of music in therapy, he knows its healing power as well as its power to bring us together. However, not everyone experiences music in the same way, and for people with visual and auditory dis/abilities, simple things like music and art are more difficult to partake in. With a love of talking to people and making connections, he joined FAHVI as a way to help people who sense the world in different ways obtain the facilities to thrive.

Siddharth Malhotra is a junior at Ridge High School and has always been captivated by the world of technology and STEM.  However, Sid’s involvement isn't limited to the confines of technology; he volunteers at the local library and senior home, where he provides valuable assistance to the elderly in navigating the digital world. This experience has allowed him to witness firsthand the challenges posed by age-related hearing loss, further fueling his desire to make a tangible difference. Sid’s path took a transformative turn when he joined FAHVI. Witnessing the profound impact of hearing and vision disabilities on individuals' lives, he found a platform to channel his passion and skills toward meaningful change. Through FAHVI's mission, Sid is committed to creating genuine positive change, bridging gaps, and empowering those in need with technology-driven solutions that enhance their quality of life.

Aayush Bhakey

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