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Andrew Gu 
Founder & President 

Andrew Gu is a senior at Ridge High School and a passionate lover of music. He started learning piano at the age of 5 and is currently a piano performance major at the Juilliard Pre-College program, additionally, he has played the cello for 7 years. Andrew is the president of AYLUS Basking Ridge, an organization dedicated to bringing musical performances to local seniors. During these performances, Andrew realized those hearing impairments are a common theme among the elderly, inhibiting them from fully appreciating music. Likewise, Andrew witnessed the impact of age-related hearing loss on his connection with his grandfathers. Inspired by these hardships, Andrew, Ethan, Aryan, and Andrew decided to start FAHVI with the goal of supporting research on hearing impairments and spreading awareness for this issue.


Aryan Nagesh
Founder & President


Aryan Nagesh is a senior at Stoney Creek High School, MI, and an enthusiastic learner and researcher in the fields of current events, history, technology, & politics. He has made it a priority over his high-School and middle-School careers to pursue the betterment of others. With this, Aryan along with his peers founded FAHVI. At this organization, Aryan has been instrumental in gathering awareness for individuals afflicted with hearing and vision impairments. He hopes to bring further attention and funding to impacted individuals by building connections with hospitals and other charitable organizations, that follow similar principles as FAHVI. After starting the New Jersian branch along with the FAHVI founders, he has gone on to establish a Michigan branch, with officers from numerous high schools across the state. This is a part of a long-term goal of FAHVI to lay a nationwide foundation spanning various states and high schools. 

Ethan Mathias 

Ethan Mathias is a driven student at Ridge High School who avidly pursues avenues to further the betterment of those around him, and in pursuit of the aforementioned, he has helped advance the organization, FAHVI, into a charitable organization focused on building upon the knowledge and betterment of those who are optically and hearing impaired.


Andrew Kim

Andrew Kim is an ambitious junior at Ridge High School and aims to contribute to efforts to help his community. Observing that many people have suffered from impairments after visiting his local senior center one day, he came together with a few other advocates to join up with hospitals and raise awareness under the FAHVI organization. Through FAHVI, he hopes to successfully support those affected through various fundraisers and programs in the future.

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Nicholas Rose is a 16 year old, motivated, positive and energetic senior, at Ridge High School in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. He has a strong love for sports and helping his community. He regularly practices for track multiple times a week as he is a part of Ridge’s Track and Field program. Nicholas had been chosen to be a member of his Tae Kwon Do’s Leadership program and has recently earned his third degree Black Belt. He volunteers to teach and instruct Tae Kwon Do to young children. In 2020, Nicholas received the Presidential award from the White House, for his volunteer efforts. While helping little children, Nicholas realized that some of those children had hearing and visualization problems. As he understood more about their problems, he was motivated to help and guide those children to reach their Tae Kwon Do goals. Nicholas always seeks opportunities to help those visually and hearing impaired. Along with his peers, Nicholas will lead the marketing presence for FAHVI.

Nicholas Rose

Marketing Executive


Andrew Szabo

Andrew Szabo is a passionate guitarist and devoted learner. On his journey with guitars, he was exposed to loud amplification and understood the dangerous effects of it. From then on he has been dedicated to finding and aiding in the reduction of hearing-related impairments. Many thousands of Americans, however, are unable to afford advanced hearing aides. To combat this in an effective manner, Andrew worked with his High-School friends to form FAHVI.

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